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Overwhelm Is Your Teacher 

Not Your Enemy

Your overwhelm has a lesson for you if you embrace it

but will only get crazier if you ignore it.

If overwhelm is your way of life, I am grateful you decided to do something about it and landed here.

When I experienced:

  • 5 failed pregnancies.

  • A marriage on the verge of divorce.

  • An exhaustion no amount of sleep could cure.

  • The feeling I was missing my purpose in life.

I surrendered and made a commitment to my spirit to honor the lesson it had to teach me.

Today I have two beautiful girls I gave birth to, a great marriage (to the same guy), my sleep is amazing and My purpose is to help you unlock the message within you.  

I pass along what I learned (to shorten your learning curve) through coaching, workshops and webinars.  If you’re ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ then contact me today. (email here)

I have a free gift for you to start your Overwhelm to Opportunity journey.  My MOST popular meditation from my workshops and private clients, “Meditation for the Overwhelmed Mom Gift” .  Just sign up and join the mailing list and you will get my free weekly blog posts filled with encouragement and tips to get out of overwhelm.

End the cycle of overwhelm by finding out what it has to teach you.  JUMP ON IN!  Find out how to eliminate the clutter of overwhelm to clear a path to your purpose. (email here)  I would love to work with you.

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Simple Solutions to get out of Overwhelm